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High-quality, pharmaceutical
grade magnesium

Ancient Magnesium concentrate comes from the bottom of the ancient
European Zechstein Sea, 1600 to 2000 meters deep in the earth’s crust.

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Experience the unmatched purity of ŐSIMAGNESIUM products, sourced from the pristine, untouched depths of the prehistoric Zechstein Sea.


Trust in ŐSIMAGNESIUM's delivery of essential magnesium, a key mineral in over 300 vital bodily processes, through its diversified range.


Find comprehensive wellness solutions in ŐSIMAGNESIUM's broad product portfolio, encompassing bath flakes, CBD creams, oils, butters, and lotions.


Enjoy revitalised well-being and rejuvenation with ŐSIMAGNESIUM products designed to alleviate fatigue and promote relaxation.


Opt for environmentally-conscious wellness with ŐSIMAGNESIUM, a brand committed to eco-friendly practices in its mineral extraction process.

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What Our Customers Say


If you suffer from restless legs then this may well help you! I started using it, then my husband tried it as well, now it's a part of our bedtime routine.

Barbara Macrae

I used this to help night cramp and it helped a lot. Very impressed


I can’t swallow pills so nutritionist recommended me this stuff instead. Magnesium levels are back to normal and I’m feeling so much better, period symptoms are massively reduced, especially pain. Which is crazy! It can be a bit slimy (obviously, it’s an oil) so I usually just leave on for 30 minutes but have slept with it on in pj bottoms 🙂

Bennett Miller

Bought for my mom, she has neuropathy and always gets really bad cramps in her legs. She heard about magnesium helping alleviate leg cramps. Bought this maybe two weeks ago and she said it has helped so much! She still gets them but it has gone down tremendously and the pain is not as bad as before. Will definitely be buying this on regular basis.

Kristin Rutherford

great benefits, love the earthy smell.

Kristin Rutherford

great benefits, love the earthy smell.

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