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magnesium lotion

Magnesium lotion: which is right for you?

Whether you’re tired of taking magnesium in the form of pills or you’re after some added therapeutic benefits, our guide will help break down our magnesium lotion range – helping you to supplement your magnesium levels naturally.

At OSI, we source our magnesium from the purest, most uncontaminated source — the 250-million-year-old underground Zechstein seabed. This ultra-pure source of magnesium is rich in highly absorbable elemental magnesium in the form of magnesium chloride. Magnesium chloride is one of the most bioavailable and well-tolerated forms of magnesium supplementation available.

The benefits of transdermal magnesium supplementation derive from the fact that it doesn’t rely on the ‘first-pass metabolism’ (through the gut and the liver); rather magnesium is a rare example of a nutrient with excellent absorption through the skin, going straight into the bloodstream to restore cellular levels.

Although there are lots of magnesium sprays and lotions on the market, OSI continues to innovate with specialised magnesium products to target specific needs. Which is why we have expanded our range of lotions, creams, and butter.

So, which one is right for your needs?

Magnesium Body Lotions

Our Magnesium Body Lotion + OptiMSM is made with 25% OSI magnesium oil and OptiMSM. Our OptiMSM is considered a highly absorbable source of sulphur, a mineral that supports healthy joints, cartilage and connective tissue to support an active lifestyle.

In our Magnesium Body Lotion + Melatonin + OptiMSM, we add melatonin, which is not only an important hormone released by the pineal gland to regulate the sleep/wake cycle, but is a potent antioxidant with free radical and anti-inflammatory activity. The OSI Magnesium Body Lotion with Melatonin and OptiMSM contains 130 mg elemental magnesium, 650 mg OptiMSM and 1.5 mg melatonin per teaspoon.

Our Magnesium Cooling Massage Lotion is another option to consider and has been specially formulated for post-exercise aches and strains. It contains menthol and arnica oil, which are well known for their soothing effects on tight or inflamed tissues.

Magnesium Body Butter

For a thicker application, you might like to consider our body butter. The Magnesium Body Butter comes with the same dosage of magnesium (25%) as well as our OptiMSM for joint support, and a thicker texture. One teaspoon contains 130 mg elemental magnesium and 650 mg OptiMSM.

Magnesium CBD Creams

We also have a range of CBD creams combining magnesium with two different dosages of CBD – one with 100mg, the other with 300mg – and one combining CBD cream with a dose of melatonin, to support sounder, deeper sleep. This latter formula contains 130 mg elemental magnesium, 650 mg OptiMSM, 15 mg CBD and 3 mg melatonin.

You may already know the benefits of taking CBD orally: it acts on the body’s own endogenous cannabinoid receptors, which influence pain, anxiety, and sleep. However, these receptors can also be found on the skin, so taking transdermal CBD can be an optimal route for absorption. We use full-spectrum CBD oil in our CBD creams, giving the benefit of all the valuable terpenes, essential oils and other phytocannabinoids found in cannabis, known as the ‘entourage’ effect.